The below information informs you that you can continue to use “TheCEPlace” until your next license renewal date. Our courses are still AARC or CBRN approved. After your renewal date they are stating in your next two-year cycle, your CEUs must include live, and management related courses. Starting 1/1/2024 we will offer all of the new required courses such as live courses and management courses. You will have a bundled option available to choose from to meet all of the new CA CEU requirements and it will all be offered at the same low price of $80 for 30 CEUs.

Implementation Schedule and Information

The new CE regulations will be implemented beginning January 1, 2024, with a two-year transition period that ends December 1, 2025.

The first group to be affected by the new CE requirements are licensees with a December 31, 2023 license expiration date. If your license expires December 31, 2023, you must begin to earn CE under the new requirements beginning January 1, 2024 in order to meet the new CE requirements. Below is a schedule for all renewal dates during the transition.

Renewal DateCE Earned Must Meet New RequirementsNext Renewal Date
[All CE earned in previous 2 years must meet New CE requirements]
Dec 31, 20231/1/24-12/31/25Dec 31, 2025
Jan 31, 20242/1/24-1/31/26Jan 31, 2026
Feb 29, 20243/1/24-2/28/26Feb 28, 2026
Mar 31, 20244/1/24-3/31/26Mar 31, 2026
Apr 30, 20245/1/24-4/30/26Apr 30, 2026
May 31, 20246/1/24-5/31/26May 31, 2026
Jun 30, 20247/1/24-6/30/26Jun 30, 2026
Jul 31, 20248/1/24-7/31/26Jul 31, 2026
Aug 31, 20249/1/24-8/31/26Aug 31, 2026
Sep 30, 202410/1/24-9/30/26Sep 30, 2026
Oct 31, 202411/1/24-10/31/26Oct 31, 2026
Nov 30, 202412/1/24-11/30/26Nov 30, 2026
Dec 31, 20241/1/25-12/31/26Dec 31, 2026
Jan 31, 20252/1/25-1/31/27Jan 31, 2027
Feb 28, 20253/1/25-2/28/27Feb 28, 2027
Mar 31, 20254/1/25-3/31/27Mar 31, 2027
Apr 30, 20255/1/25-4/30/27Apr 30, 2027
May 31, 20256/1/25-5/31/27May 31, 2027
Jun 30, 20257/1/25-6/30/27Jun 30, 2027
Jul 31, 20258/1/25-7/31/27Jul 31, 2027
Aug 31, 20259/1/25-8/31/27Aug 31, 2027
Sep 30, 202510/1/25-9/30/27Sep 30, 2027
Oct 31, 202511/1/25-10/31/27Oct 31, 2027
Nov 30, 202512/1/25-11/30/27Nov 30, 2027

While RCPs whose licenses expire December 31, 2023 must begin to earn CE under the new framework beginning January 1, 2024, licensees with later renewal dates have the option to begin earning CE under the new framework as soon as they like, but not later than their license expiration date.

During the two-year transition, so long as the license expiration date (noted in the first column above) has not passed, an RCP may renew his/her license under the old CE requirements1, the new CE requirements, or a combination of both as follows:

  • Obtain a minimum of 15 hours of CE directly related to the practice of respiratory care and
  • Obtain another 15 hours that meets the old requirements or the new requirements or a combination of both.
    [The “live” course requirement will not be applicable]

However, beginning with your “Renewal Date” as indicated in the first column, all CE earned thereafter, must meet the new CE requirements. Every license that renews on or after December 31, 2025, must have earned CE that meets the new requirements.

For example, a person with a November 30, 2024 license expiration date must begin to earn CE under the new CE requirements on December 31, 2024. However, that same RCP may choose to begin to earn CE under the new requirements between January 1, 2024 and November 30, 2024. So when the licensee renews on November 30, 2024, the RCB will accept CE meeting either the new CE requirements, old CE requirements or a combination as noted above. When this same licensee renews his/her license on November 30, 2026, ALL of the CE earned from December 1, 2024 through November 30, 2026 must meet the new requirements.