Career Paths for Respiratory Therapists

Most people assume that becoming a respiratory therapist (RT) will require them to work in a hospital setting, and many indeed do. About 75% of RTs work in a hospital, according to the Mayo Foundation for Medical and Educational Research. … Continued

The Difference Between CRTs and RRTs

Respiratory therapists are vital to the healthcare team, from nebulizer treatments to invasive ventilation, helping people breathe. Respiratory therapists include two types: certified respiratory therapists (CRTs) and registered respiratory therapists (RRTs). Both specialize in cardiopulmonary care and hold a license … Continued

Is Respiratory Therapy More Difficult Than Nursing?

Respiratory therapists and nurses often need to work closely together in order to provide comprehensive care to patients. They may have some similarities in educational qualifications and background, but their job responsibilities are diverse from each other. In any case, … Continued

Everything You Need to Know About RT As a Profession

Becoming a registered respiratory therapist (RT) is an excellent career option for you if you like the idea of breathing new life (quite literally) into your everyday job and impacting other people‚Äôs lives by joining the healthcare forces. Registered respiratory … Continued

What Health Conditions Rely On Ventilators?

Medical ventilators are life-saving devices that support lung function in order to help a patient breathe. This critically important medical equipment offers invaluable assistance when a patient’s lungs are severely affected because of a health condition and they are struggling … Continued

How Does a Ventilator Work?

Mechanical ventilators have become a widely recognized medical device after the important role they played in saving the lives of patients with severe lung complications resulting from Covid-19 infection. Respiratory training courses are specifically designed to ensure registered respiratory therapists … Continued

Online RT Courses in Kentucky in Your Own Time

Online learning is becoming increasingly popular among registered therapists in Kentucky as an effective and affordable option for meeting continuing education requirements. Continuing education units for respiratory therapists in Kentucky are a mandatory requirement for license renewal. The Kentucky Board … Continued