Maine Respiratory Therapist CEUs: Importance of Renewing

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) improve patient care by ensuring respiratory therapists stay up-to-date on the latest information and respiratory care therapies. 

Each state provides different CEU requirements that respiratory therapists must meet to maintain their licenses and practice respiratory care. 

The Maine Board of Respiratory Care determines licensure qualifications and requirements for respiratory therapist CEUs in Maine. 

How many CEUs does Maine require?

The state’s Board of Respiratory Care does not require respiratory therapist CEUs in Maine.

How often do I have to renew my CEUs as a Maine Respiratory Therapist?

Although the board does not require CEUs for respiratory therapists in Maine, you must still renew your license by April 30 each year. 

You can renew online by completing the license renewal application and paying your fees. It’s $86 for an initial license and $65 to renew. First-time license applications shall also pay a background check fee of $21.

How do I fulfill my Maine Respiratory Therapist CEU Requirements?

Although the board provides no CEU requirements for respiratory therapists in Maine, CEUs are still essential to growing in your career. At TheCEPlace, we offer affordable self-study courses that you can take when it’s convenient for you. Our courses will ensure that you stay on top of the latest respiratory information and new therapies so you can provide optimal care for your patients. 

We are licensed and accredited to provide respiratory therapist CEUs in Maine and all 50 states. Our registration process is easy, and once registered, you gain access to our large selection of AARC-approved courses. 

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