Continuing Education Units (CEUs) ensure that respiratory therapists remain up-to-date on current therapies and other essential information related to patient care. CEU requirements vary with each state, so it’s crucial to understand CEU requirements for respiratory therapists in Ohio. 

Not only are CEUs critical to stay educated in the field, but you’ll also need them to renew your respiratory license in Ohio. If you fail to complete the necessary CEUs, you cannot renew your license, which means you cannot practice as a respiratory therapist. 

How many CEUs does Ohio require?

There are 20 required respiratory therapist CEUs in Ohio. Although not mandatory,, you can obtain all 20 CEUs conveniently online, as long as they’re relevent RCCE courses. 

There are a few specific CEU renewal requirements in Ohio, which include the following:

  • You must complete one CEU of RCCE on professional ethics or Ohio respiratory care law.
  • A minimum of 15 CEUs must relate to the provision of clinical respiratory care.
  • You may include four CEUs of other indirectly-related education. 

How often do I have to renew my CEUs as a Ohio Respiratory Therapist?

Ohio-licensed respiratory therapists must renew their license every two years and complete the required CEUs during the two-year period for each renewal. 

A license issued on 10/17/2019 or after expires two years after the issue date. The expiration date remains the same for a license issued before this date. 

Anyone holding an L1 or L2 permit shall also obtain CEUs for respiratory therapists in Ohio. However, respiratory care permits expire every year. L1 permits expire one year after the issue date, and L2 permits expire yearly on June 30. Both permits require 10 CEUs with each renewal.

How do I fulfill my Ohio Respiratory Therapist CEU Requirements?

When completing your CEU requirements for respiratory therapists in Ohio, it helps to complete them gradually over the two-year period. Doing so can help you prepare for your upcoming license renewal date. And keeping a record of completed courses and contact hours is essential to preparing for a possible audit. 

As your renewal date approaches, you’ll receive a notice from the State Medical Board of Ohio reminding you to renew your Ohio respiratory license. Always inform the board of an address change to ensure you get your renewal notice. 

You can renew your Ohio respiratory license and pay the fee online. Respiratory therapists pay a renewal fee of $75. The fee is $10 for an L1 and $35 for an L2 permit. 

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