Tennessee Respiratory Therapist CEUs: Importance of Renewing

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) improve patient care by ensuring respiratory therapists update their knowledge about new information and current therapies. 

All states provide their own specific CEU requirements, so understanding CEU renewal requirements in Tennessee is essential to maintaining your license. Failing to complete required respiratory therapist CEUs in Tennessee results in disciplinary action.

The Tennessee Board of Respiratory Care regulates CEU compliance and issues respiratory licenses. 

How many CEUs does Tennessee require?

The Tennessee Board of Respiratory Care requires 24 total respiratory therapist CEUs in Tennessee every two years. Of the 24, you must complete 12 CEUs each calendar year.

CEU Requirements for Respiratory Therapists in Tennessee

Respiratory therapists must complete CEUs approved by the board, AARC, or other approved organizations. 

Approved educational content includes topics related to the clinical practice of respiratory care, management, education, or cardiopulmonary research.

CEU requirements for respiratory therapists in Tennessee also include completing one CEU hour of patient safety and one hour of ethics every calendar year. 

How often do I have to renew my CEUs as a Tennessee Respiratory Therapist?

You must renew 24 CEUs for respiratory therapists in Tennessee by your license expiration date every two years, which occurs on your birth month. Of the 24 total CEUs, the board requires that you complete 12 hours, including ethics and patient safety, per calendar year. 

You can renew your license and pay the fees once you complete your CEU renewal requirements in Tennessee. The cost is $150 for an initial application and $175 for a renewal. 

Maintaining Documents of Respiratory Therapist CEUs in Tennessee

CEU requirements for respiratory therapists in Tennessee do not require you to submit CEU completion certificates with your license renewal application. However, the board requires you to keep records of all completed CEUs for three years. If the board selects you for an audit, you shall submit all requested documents. 

How do I fulfill my Tennessee Respiratory Therapist CEU Requirements? 

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