At TheCEPlace, we are practicing Respiratory Therapists who understand what skills and knowledge are required to excel in the job. We know how demanding the certified Respiratory Therapist profession can be, and we recognize that you are the true heroes who are saving lives every single day. TheCEPlace is committed to supporting your career goals by delivering industry leading CE courses for Respiratory Therapists. 

Easy Access to Continuing Education

We offer continuing education for Respiratory Therapists and Nurses as a California Board of Nursing accredited provider. We are also an AARC accredited provider and are approved in all 50 states, plus Puerto Rico. Our comprehensive text and program effectiveness will enable you to meet your requirements by taking just one or two courses. We leverage best-selling books around specific topics of interest, and create the most relevant and effective self-assessment tests around these books.

We help you obtain these books online easily through links on our site or from the free e-book library. State boards have specific requirements for study hours and continuing education for respiratory therapy, which can be time-consuming and expensive. Rather than wait till your license is due for renewal, it is better to start now. We are here to make the process convenient and affordable for you. Choose from live courses to meet your clinical and management requirements or from our long list of self study courses.

Our Unique Methodology

Our team at TheCEPlace includes practicing Respiratory Therapists, and we understand the challenges you may go through as part of your job. We have developed an easy way to help you secure your continuing education hours for respiratory therapy online. All our respiratory therapy education programs are current and relevant, the live courses are affordable, and the online tests are great performance indicators. We also maintain all the necessary records in case of an audit by your state. 


Once you register with our site and select your state, you will only be able to see the accredited CE courses for the respiratory therapy program for that state. You can rest assured that the providers we are using offer valid accreditation for respiratory care courses.

American Association for Respiratory Care (AARC)

TheCEPlace is accredited by the AARC as a provider of continued education services. Our courses have been approved for Respiratory Therapists licensed in all 50 states of the US, plus Puerto Rico. We are accredited by the Continuing Respiratory Care Education (CRCE) of the AARC.

California Board of Registered Nursing (CBRN)

TheCEPlace is accredited by the California Board of Registered Nursing (CBRN), as a continued education provider for registered nurses licensed in California. The state of California Respiratory Care Board recognizes the California Board of Registered Nursing provider for continuing education hours required to renew the Respiratory Therapist license.

For a registered Respiratory Therapist located in another state, they may also be recognized by the California Board of Registered Nursing provider. Always check with your state board about your respiratory therapist requirements and respiratory care program to see if they will accept the CBRN. 

Lifelong Learning: Why it Matters

Advancing your degree

Continuing education is an excellent way for registered Respiratory Therapists to advance their qualifications and skills. It sets them up for better career opportunities in the future. The online continuing education programs are perfect for busy Respiratory Therapist professionals. Most respiratory therapists work long hours. It is excellent that you can select an accredited respiratory therapy continuing education program, study at your own pace, and take a course at your convenience. 

Avoid stagnation

Through a continuing education program, Respiratory Therapists and healthcare professionals can avoid their careers becoming stagnant. Learning through continuing education helps registered respiratory therapists grow and develop in their careers while meeting CEU requirements. 

Who We Are:

Debbie, Educator

Before co-managing TheCEPlace and founding our team, I worked as a Respiratory Therapist for 27 years. Upon graduating and passing the California State Board, I was fortunate to be hired full-time with Scripps. During my career, I worked in several hospitals and subacute care for patients with tracheostomies. I’ve had the privilege of helping educate RT students as they rotated through the facilities. For many years, I appreciated TheCEPlace and used its learning resources for earning CEUs. It was the ideal source for my peers and me since the learning could be done at home during our own time and at an affordable price. The material was current, and I learned a lot. TheCEPlace paved the path for my career, and in 2021, I had the fantastic opportunity to purchase the business with my son, who has an MBA in Management.

My son and I now work collaboratively to continue this great company along with a team of highly-skilled professionals. We have created more courses and expanded the company with the same passionate goal. 

We can proudly say that we have extended access to these courses to all Respiratory Therapists nationwide, including Puerto Rico.

Register with us Today

At TheCEPlace, we offer the most convenient continuing education courses that are easily accessible to you and other health care professionals seeking license renewal as Respiratory Therapists and Nurses. We provide a hassle-free experience; you can easily buy the course tests on our site and begin your study hours immediately. Register with us today.