RT Courses in Washington: How to Apply Today!

RT courses in Washington

Continuing education is mandatory for all respiratory therapists practicing in the state of Washington. Respiratory therapists must acquire the required number of continuing education hours to be able to renew their licenses and practice. You must pay close attention to the course provider you choose. Acquiring the required respiratory CEUs can be easier if you have high-quality and well-structured online courseware to learn from.

What Online Courses Should an RT in Washington Take?

Most state boards accept non-traditional or self-directed courses to satisfy a portion of their respiratory therapist CEU requirements. You can always attend presentations and webinars to earn complimentary CRCE credits. In most instances, you would need to complete a test and evaluation following the course you take to obtain a certificate.

Washington has a biennial license renewal period. You must complete a minimum of 30 continuing education hours in this period to be eligible to apply for license renewal. It’s crucial to understand that the Washington State Board of Health doesn’t require the certificate of CEUs to be attached to the license renewal request. Based on this, you will need to produce it if the board randomly asks you for it. Failure to do so will amount to fraud, which can have serious consequences.

Online learning has grown in importance over the years. There is no limit to the number of CE hours respiratory therapists can obtain online. It’s necessary to ensure that at least 10 hours are through AARC-approved courses. Here are a few popular course topics that respiratory therapists frequently choose to satisfy their continuing education requirements:


This is a relatively serious allergic condition, even though it is not common. All healthcare professionals, especially respiratory therapists, should be aware of this condition and the recent techniques and practices for managing it.

Management of Asthma

Asthma is a common condition concerned with bronchial hyper-reactivity and reversible airflow obstruction. Coughing, wheezing, breathlessness, and chest tightness are common symptoms that can prove fatal if not managed correctly. Respiratory therapists in asthma clinics and other healthcare facilities can broaden their knowledge about the condition through continuing education courses.


Chronic obstructive airway disease makes up for many of a respiratory therapist’s responsibilities. You can learn more about the latest guidelines, techniques, and updates through continuing respiratory care education.


The covid-19 pandemic may have ended, but the SARS-CoV-2 virus is yet to fade away. You can learn about the various steps in identifying a potential covid-19 infection instead of ignoring the symptoms of chronic lung disease exacerbations. You can also learn about ventilator support and improved oxygenation in covid-19 patients.

Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical ventilation is one of the respiratory therapists’ most essential techniques and equipment. A broad range of topics is covered under such courses, including how to minimize patient discomfort and asynchrony. You can also learn about advancements made in invasive mechanical ventilation for patients experiencing acute respiratory failure.

Tracheostomy and Aerodigestive Disorders

You can increase your knowledge of current literature and practice trends related to pediatric pathologies involving the trachea and other anatomical structures. Other course elements include safe patient transport, medical transport within the community, and the relationship between an EMS and RT.

Neonatal Pediatric 

These courses apply to the pediatric population and are more concerned with palliative care. It discusses coping strategies, common barriers, and issues associated with caring for this patient population. You can be better enabled to make decisions for newborn management regarding illness conditions.


Learning practical information about ethics from a clinical perspective can be helpful to respiratory therapists.

Regardless of the course topics that interest you, it would be best if you chose an adequate course provider that is both approved and accredited.

Where Can You Find These Courses?

Continuing education in respiratory therapy can help working professionals advance their careers. You may need more time to upgrade your skills and knowledge during your busy schedule. By ensuring you find the right course provider with high-quality content, you can ensure that you boost your resume.

Getting respiratory care education CRCE should be about more than just maintaining your license. It should also show your current management team or other recruiters that you have the grit to put in the extra effort required to learn and improve yourself. Initial training can only get you into any health and wellness profession.

With unlimited access to respiratory CEUs, you can get the most current and relevant knowledge required. The benefits are only as real as the type of course provider you choose. You can always choose between online and offline modules.

Things to Consider While Choosing Respiratory CEUs

No matter whether you choose online or offline RT courses, it would be best if you considered the following aspects:

CEU is Not Just About License Renewal

After putting in all that time and effort, don’t you want something more than just renewing your license? You should look for specific things, such as career enhancement or a switch to administration. This will give you a general idea about the type of courses you want, which can help you make the right decision about the course provider. There are a lot of great CE course providers, but it will take some soul-searching for you to find one that matches your needs.

Focus on the Learning Objectives

A great way of finding a respiratory care education CRCE match is by looking at the objectives of the course topic. These are the details that help determine the level of the course. They are meant to show only some of the scope of the course. For instance, if you have already completed the introductory course on coronary heart disease, you may want something more advanced. It’s never prudent to keep repeating what you already know, even though you may be tempted to take the easy path.

Look for Ways to Enhance Your Knowledge Database

The government and health boards made continuing education mandatory for all healthcare professionals for one reason – to gain knowledge about recent updates, advancements, and new techniques. Respiratory professionals lead busy lives and don’t have time to read magazines or journals published by different boards. By completing a course approved by the American Association for Respiratory Care, you can ensure that you are familiar with the current industry standards and the latest happenings.

Seek Challenging Courses

You may only reap the benefits of finishing seminars and site courses if they are challenging. It is a good thing to challenge your professional knowledge. This will keep you on your toes. Taking a critical look will also leave you feeling more confident in your work. In essence, you should not hold on to any existing knowledge that is outdated or flawed. This is especially true where respiratory therapists are concerned.

Traditional vs. Online RT Courses For Those in Washington

The method of delivering education has entirely changed with the emergence of the internet and tech. Online education has become a highly flexible method of instruction in which learners can gain easy access to study material. In addition, online education provides an excellent opportunity for learners to impart in conventional modes of teaching and education.

It’s crucial to understand that all mandatory 30 CE hours required in Washington can be completed through self-study and online. Online education helps learn at their own pace, which is particularly beneficial to clinicians, nurses, respiratory care professionals, and other healthcare providers.

These are a few other reasons to choose online learning over offline modes:

Customizable to Your Needs

Online learning is highly flexible and can be customized to match everyone’s needs. You can choose between video, audio, webinars, textbooks, and worksheets to acquire your continuing education credits and improve your knowledge database. WHO reports that healthcare professionals are more likely to acquire knowledge and skills through offline modes than online ones.

Review Content Multiple Times

Online learning, especially self-learning mode, allows for the content to be reviewed as often as needed. You have unlimited access to a wealth of knowledge when you learn through eLearning modules. Even live sessions, such as webinars and seminars, are generally recorded and made available as a link.

Enhanced Convenience

You must recognize the added convenience of learning from anywhere. This is one of the primary reasons why practicing respiratory therapists prefer to choose online CEUs over offline courses. You can complete the course during breaks or any free time. Many professionals binge-learn during the weekends and acquire their required credit units.

Invest in Yourself

Another major benefit of online learning is that you can gain new certificates and skills without having to tax yourself.  You don’t need to bother about taking off days from your facility and commuting to a classroom setting. Instead, you can acquire new knowledge and information during your free time.

Improved Quality of Service

Staying current is essential to provide quality healthcare to your patients. Respiratory therapists are known to deal with several life-death situations in a day. You must learn the latest techniques and advancements in practice if they can save a life. You will directly improve the quality of services rendered by growing your skills. Online courses are centered on focused learning that is streamlined to your needs. You can enjoy autonomy while receiving the necessary support.

Why Does an RT Need Continuing Education Units?

Respiratory therapists require a minimum of 30 hours of continuing education credits every two years to be eligible to renew their license in Washington. This requirement should be completed by their birth date every second year. These state and board requirements are reasons to choose continuing education.

Provide Better Patient Care

Continuing education helps respiratory therapists improve patient outcomes. You can be better equipped to help your patients when you have the latest in patient care.

Enjoy Professional Growth

Healthcare professionals committed to continuing education are always a better choice for medical facilities than a professional that has been skating by. More education equates to more opportunities and career advancements.

Personal Growth

Education is the premise of progress in society as a whole. You can grow personally by being serious about your continuing education units.

Stay Updated

Healthcare is a continuously evolving field. CEUs are a great way to provide information to working healthcare professionals. You can stay current in your field by continuing your education.

TheCEPlace is a Top-Rated Provider of Online RT Courses

TheCEPlace is founded and run by practicing respiratory therapists, which allows them to understand the firsthand challenges faced by respiratory care professionals in the industry. The company has worked tirelessly since its inception to develop a curriculum that meets all the demands of healthcare professionals in the most concise and structured way.

TheCEPlace offers the most straightforward, quickest, and most convenient way for respiratory care professionals to complete their ongoing CE requirements. The company is designed to help professionals reeling under demanding and busy schedules by offering high-quality, self-paced, and home-study courses.

The team at TheCEPlace is dedicated to providing unrivaled leadership and convenience in the field of RT continuing education. They offer approved courses in all 50 states and Puerto Rico, so you know you are in good hands. These are a few reasons to choose TheCEPlace for your continuing education requirements:

  • Learn at your own pace and schedule
  • Unlimited access
  • Multiple formats
  • Mobile friendly
  • Courses developed by industry-leading experts
  • Relevant and trending topics that matter to you
  • Immediate course completion certificates

All continuing education coursework is approved and accredited by the AARC and Washington State Board of Health, with curriculums developed keeping in mind the highest standards.

How to Apply for Online Learning at TheCEPlace!

TheCEPlace offers streamlined learning processes. We have made it simple to register and access those online courses that are the most suitable for you. These are a few steps you need to take:

  • Register and log in to the TheCEPlace site.
  • Fill in the necessary details for the algorithm to match you to the best available courses suiting your requirements.
  • Purchase the required courses and download the books.

These are self-study modules, which means you can comfortably complete them at your own pace. Once finished with the books, complete the test and evaluation process. CEU certificate will be sent to your email once you successfully complete the test. There is no additional charge for retaking the test (multiple times) if you cannot clear it the first time.

If You Are in Washington, Contact TheCEPlace Today for High-Quality Online RT Courses!

TheCEPlace is a leading continuing education course provider that allows learners access to high-quality and functional self-study courses. Our individual self-study courses are curated around interesting and useful topics relevant to working professionals. Set yourself up for better career opportunities as a respiratory therapist with online RT courses from TheCEPlace. To place your order for the latest online RT courses, call us at 833-388-2600 or write to us online.

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