Continuing education units, called CEUs, are vital for healthcare workers to stay current on the latest information and therapies to ensure optimal patient care. Each state provides CEU requirements for respiratory therapists.

You must familiarize yourself with the requirements for respiratory therapist CEUs in Illinois to ensure your respiratory license remains active. If you fail to complete your CEU requirements, you cannot renew your Illinois respiratory license, which means you cannot practice as a respiratory therapist. And working with an expired license can result in severe penalties. 

How Many CEUs Does Illinois Require?

The medical board requires 24 respiratory therapist CEUs in Illinois; one CEU equals one hour. 

It’s possible to complete all CEUs for respiratory therapists in Illinois online as long as all CEUs directly relate to respiratory care practices. 

CEU Requirements for Respiratory Therapists in Illinois

The state requires 24 total respiratory therapist CEUs in Illinois, which includes 23 elective hours directly related to respiratory care. Respiratory therapists must also complete the Implicit Bias Awareness training for each renewal period. The course is worth one CEU credit hour. 

You can complete all CEUs for respiratory therapists in Illinois online.

CEU Renewal Requirements in Illinois

Keeping records of completed CEUs for respiratory therapists in Illinois is essential. To verify CEU completion, the board may conduct audits on your records or require you to file completion certificates with the department. 

Incomplete respiratory license renewals will delay your license to practice respiratory care, and practicing with an expired license could result in civil or criminal penalties. Therefore, it’s crucial to remain compliant with CEU renewal requirements in Illinois and maintain records of CEU completion. 

How Often Do I Have to Renew My CEUs as an Illinois 

Respiratory Therapist?

You must renew your respiratory therapist CEUs in Illinois by October 31 every two years, with the next renewal date on October 31, 2023. You must also renew your Illinois respiratory license on this date.

Renew: Illinois Respiratory License

You can renew your Illinois respiratory license online with the Illinois Department of Financial & Professional Regulation. During renewal, you’ll complete a questionnaire regarding your compliance with CEUs for respiratory therapists in Illinois. 

How Do I fulfill My Illinois Respiratory Therapist CEU Requirements?

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