Virginia Respiratory Therapist CEUs: Importance of Renewing

Continuing education units (CEUs) keep healthcare workers, including respiratory therapists, current on the latest therapies and new information. CEUs help respiratory therapists grow in their careers and also improve patient care. 

Each state has its own set of CEU rules, so it’s vital to understand the requirements for respiratory therapist CEUs in Virginia. Failing to meet your state’s requirements can result in an inactive license, which means you cannot practice as a respiratory therapist. 

Therefore, understanding the laws for respiratory therapist CEUs in Virginia is essential to your career. 

How Many CEUs Does Virginia Require?

The Board of Medicine requires 20 hours of CEUs for respiratory therapists in Virginia. The AARC or an AARC-recognized sponsor must approve all CEU courses. 

How often do I have to renew my CEUs as a Virginia Respiratory Therapist?

You must renew your respiratory therapist CEUs in Virginia every two years, meaning you must complete all CEU courses during the two-year renewal period. 

Newly licensed respiratory therapists are exempt from CEU renewal requirements in Virginia for their first renewal period.

CEU Requirements for Respiratory Therapists in Virginia

You can complete all 20 CEUs for respiratory therapists in Virginia online since the Virginia Board of Medicine does not require a specific number of live courses. However, to meet the CEU requirements for respiratory therapists in Virginia, all CEUs must directly relate to respiratory care. 

Virginia respiratory therapists are also not required to submit proof of CEU completion but should maintain records for random audits. If selected for an Audit, the Medical Board sends a notice by mail stating that documentation is required.

Renew your Virginia Respiratory License

You must renew your Virginia respiratory license by the expiration date every two years. Your license expires during your birthday month of odd-numbered years. 

When renewing your license, the Board of Medicine requires you to sign a form stating you met your CEU renewal requirements in Virginia. You are not required to submit proof to renew your Virginia respiratory license.

You can renew your license and pay the $135 fee by mail or online.

How do I fulfill my Virginia Respiratory Therapist CEU Requirements? 

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