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Continuing education courses for a registered respiratory therapist or those with a degree in respiratory therapy in need of continuing education can undertake the designed courses by TheCEPlace. Our course developers ensure you can acquire maximum information and knowledge in the least possible time so that you can get back to what’s important – caring for your patients. Register online and download the self-study books, which can be accessed and read anywhere to achieve your educational goals.

Choose from a wide array of courses, including performance indicators for clinical rotations, respiratory diseases, durable medical equipment required in health sciences, physical examination, advanced methods of tackling breathing difficulties in patients, blood samples, and other applied science, cardiopulmonary system, among other learning domains.

The courses designed by TheCEPlace are to prepare graduates and working professionals for enhanced patient care. You can improve your critical thinking skills since they target affective behavior learning domains. The work performed by registered respiratory therapists is vital for patient care.

Continuing education courses are made mandatory in most states to bridge the gap between respiratory therapy education programs and practical advancements made in the field. It is important that you test program effectiveness and programmatic outcomes before choosing it.

Respiratory Therapy Continuing Education Requirements By State

The information provided in the table below on continuing education for respiratory care practice is a summary of the minimum requirements set forth by relevant boards responsible for accreditation for respiratory care. There may be several conditions affecting your individual situation. Please see the relevant board’s site for a more detailed breakdown of requirements.

Registered respiratory therapists (RRTs) should make sure to check individual states’ requirements if they hold licenses in multiple states. Respiratory therapy programs in the United States are intended to improve cognitive knowledge and psychomotor skills through dedicated information sessions.

StateRenewal CycleTotal HoursSelf Study LimitsAdditional Guidelines
ALABAMA (AL)2 Years24 hours12 hours
ARIZONA (AZ)2 Years20 hoursNone
ARKANSAS (AR)Annual12 hoursNone
CALIFORNIA (CA)2 Years15 hoursNone3 hours mandatory continuing education credits on Law and Ethics approved by national board
COLORADO (CO)2 YearsNoneNone
CONNECTICUT (CT)Annual6 hoursNone
DELAWARE (DE)2 Years20 hoursNone
DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (DC)2 Years16 hours8 hours3 hours mandatory continuing education on Ethics
FLORIDA (FL)2 Years24 hours12 hoursFollowing courses are mandatory: (a) 2 hours on Medical Error/Patient Safety (b) 2 hours Emergency Preparedness/Bioterrorism/Pandemic Flu (c) 3 Hours on HIV/AIDS for first time renewal only
GEORGIA (GA)2 Years30 hoursNone
HAWAII (HI)TriennialNoneNone
IDAHO (ID)Annual12 hoursNone
ILLINOIS (IL)2 Years24 hoursNone
INDIANA (IN)2 Years15 hours7.5 hours
IOWA (IA)2 Years24 hours10 hours
KANSAS (KS)Annual12 hours6 hours
KENTUCKY (KY)2 Years24 hoursNone
LOUISIANA (LA)Annual10 hoursNone
MAINE (MN)AnnualNoneNone
MARYLAND (MD)2 Years16 hoursNone
MASSACHUSETTS (MA)2 Years15 hours6 hours
MICHIGAN (MI)2 YearsNoneNone
MINNESOTA (MN)Annual24 hoursNone
MISSISSIPPI (MS)2 Years20 hoursNone
MISSOURI (MO)2 Years24 hours12 hours
MONTANA (MT)Annual24 hoursNone
NEBRASKA (NE)2 Years20 hoursNone
NEVADA (NV)2 Years20 hoursNone2 hours mandatory continuing education on Ethics
NEW HAMPSHIRE (NH)2 Years24 hoursNone
NEW JERSEY (NJ)2 Years30 hours15 hoursFollowing courses are mandatory: (a) 1 hour on infection control (b) 1 hour on patient safety/ medical error (c) 1 hour on ethics
NEW MEXICO (NM)2 Years20 hoursNone
NEW YORK (NY)TriennialRRT – 30 CRT – 24RRT – 15 CRT – 12
NORTH CAROLINA (NC)Annual12 hoursNone
NORTH DAKOTA (ND)Annual10 hoursNone
OHIO (OH)2 Years20 hoursNoneMandatory 1-hour of Ethics or 1-hour of Ohio Respiratory Care Law
OKLAHOMA (OK)2 Years12 hoursNone
OREGON (OR)Annual15 hoursNone
PENNSYLVANIA (PA)2 Years30 hours10 hoursFollowing requirements are mandatory during every renewal: (a) 1-hour of Medical Ethics (b) 1-hour of Patient Safety (c) 2-hours of Child Abuse Recognition and Reporting
PUERTO RICO (PR)Triennial30 hours
RHODE ISLAND (RI)2 Years12 hoursNone
SOUTH CAROLINA (SC)2 Years30 hoursNone
SOUTH DAKOTA (SD)2 Years20 hoursNone
TENNESSEE (TN)2 Years10 hours5 hours
TEXAS (TX)2 Years24 hours12 hours
UTAH (UT)2 YearsNoneNone
VERMONT (VT)2 Years12 hours6 hours
VIRGINIA (VA)2 Years20 hoursNone
WASHINGTON (WA)2 Years30 hoursNone
WEST VIRGINIA (WV)Annual20 hoursNone

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