RT Courses in Washington: How to Apply Today!

Continuing education is mandatory for all respiratory therapists practicing in the state of Washington. Respiratory therapists must acquire the required number of continuing education hours to be able to renew their licenses and practice. You must pay close attention to … Continued

The Busy Schedule of an RT Over Christmas

The Busy Schedule of an RT Over the Holidays means an automatic day off for most professionals working in the United States. Moreover, this can’t be said for healthcare professionals, including respiratory care therapists. Injuries and illnesses don’t follow the … Continued

Online RT Courses in Virginia State

Virginia Department of Health Professionals requires all active respiratory therapists to renew their licenses every two years. Per the guidelines, you should have completed 20 hours of continued competency activity requirements. TheCEPlace is the perfect course provider for online CEUs … Continued

Reasons Why a Person May Need a Ventilator

Medical ventilators support breathing function in the body. These lifesaving machines help your lungs work when you cannot breathe correctly or on your own. Patient-ventilator support is more often used in an intensive care unit. A respiratory therapist or a … Continued

Why Ventilators Continue to Save the World

Ventilators are mechanical devices that take over or support the breathing process. They became highly popular and in-demand during the Covid-19 pandemic to pump air into lungs. Generally, patients that stay in critical care units require ventilator support. In relation … Continued

The Role of a Respiratory Therapist

Respiratory therapists play a vital role as part of an inter-professional team of healthcare specialists addressing chronic respiratory conditions, such as emphysema and asthma. They have a deep understanding of the physiology of the cardiopulmonary system and need to remain … Continued

Online RCP CEU Courses Or In Person?

Continuing respiratory care education is a fact of life for most respiratory therapists, whether practicing or not. Respiratory CEUS is mandatory for maintaining an active license status. Professionals often confuse whether to choose in-person or online RT CEUS. There is … Continued

The Best Respiratory Therapist CEUS Online Courses: Where To Find

Online continuing education courses have become increasingly popular among medical professionals, including respiratory therapists. Several options are available for respiratory care professionals to meet their CE requirements, including live seminars, conferences, and offline classrooms. Many career aspirants prefer online courses … Continued